Welcome to Jurema Creations

Jurema Walendowsky Baker

Jurema is a Brazilian artist and designer.

She welcomes you to her showcase of natural decorative Asian art made of tropical foliage. Jurema creates her artwork from dried-up coconut and palm tree leaves, as well as other spent flora, giving them a new life through her unique and complex lacquer process.

Jurema's artwork adorns the homes of many international families, as well as 5-star hotels and other commercial properties. Her art is sought by interior decorators from around the world, as well as event organizers looking for unique decorations for corporate events. Jurema's home decor pieces also make great gifts for any occasion.

Jurema's art creations make for interesting conversation pieces and receive constant media coverage, with articles being featured in many of Asia's top magazines.

Enjoy visiting the Jurema Creations art gallery today.

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